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Module : Adobe Analytics – Understanding Variables & Metrics


A comprehensive understanding of variables and how to use and interpret them in reports

Recommended Training Time = 3h

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Within Adobe Analytics there are 3 main types of variables, Traffic Variables (props), Conversion Variables (eVars) and Events. this module will explain the differences between each of these variables, how they work and show practical advantages of how they can be used.


  • Understand in detail the difference between Traffic variables and Conversion variables
  • Understand when each type of variable would be used
  • How to run & interpret reports for each type of variable
  • Understand how all standard metrics are configured
  • Understand the different types of Conversion events that can be configured and how to use them in reports
  • Understand the difference between Calculated Metrics and Conversion event metrics and when to use each one

Recommended Training Time = 3h