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Course : Adobe Analytics – Advanced User Training


Advanced elements of Adobe Analytics to help develop users to understand how the tool works end to end

Recommended Training Time = 12h

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Covering how the Adobe DTM tag management and your data layer works plus covering Adobe Analytics data import and export and advanced segments for audience building, this course is designed to allow your power users to help maintain and enhance your Adobe Analytics implementation.

Modules included in this Course are –

  • TMOA57 – Module : Adobe DTM – Overview
  • DLOGen38 – Module : Data Layer Overview
  • AHA23 – Module : Adobe Analytics – How To Use ReportBuilder Excel plugin
  • ADA3 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Using Data Export
  • ADA4 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Using Data Import
  • ADA5 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Advanced Segments
  • ADA11 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Customer Attributes
  • ADA12 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Processing Rules

TMOA57 –

  • An understanding of what Adobe DTM can provide within a business
  • An overview of how Adobe DTM can be used for deploying Adobe Experience Cloud solutions
  • An overview of using Adobe DTM to deploy 3rd party tags
  • A overview of the resources required to run / manage Adobe DTM and the type of process a business requires to run this the solution

DLOGen38 –

  • A full understanding of what a data layer is and how it integrates with your frontend web tools
  • An overview of the DMPG Data Layer Framework
  • An understanding of how a data layer will improve the efficiency of the deployment of your analytics and testing tools

AHA23 –

  • A complete understanding of how to create, edit and manage data extracts directly into Excel
  • Know how to deploy the Excel plug in
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts for using the Adobe Excel plug-in to provide successful reports and dashboards

ADA3 –

  • Understand in detail how each method of data export works
  • Understand when to use each data export method
  • How to manage the different export methods

ADA4 –

ADA5 –

  • How to design and create complex Segments
  • Understand all segment container types and how to use them together
  • Understand in detail how sequence Segments work
  • How to use Segments to the best effect for visitor behaviour analysis

ADA11 –

  • A full understanding of Customer Attributes and what they are used for
  • How to set up Customer Attributes
  • How to upload data to Customer Attributes
  • How to report on / interpret reports using Customer Attributes

ADA12 –

  • Understand what Processing Rules can do
  • How to set up Processing Rules
  • What to use Processing Rules for
  • Adobe Processing Rules test

MHA81 –

  • A complete understanding of the tools available to help to test an analytics or testing solution implementation
  • A detailed understanding of the Chrome Developer Tools
  • A detailed look at the various diagnostic tools Adobe providers
  • How to apply these tools to your Adobe implementation
  • A view of a testing process that can be adopted to ensure the correct deployment of analytic or testing related development
  • A list of pitfalls to be aware of when testing tagging

Course duration – 12h