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Module : Adobe Analytics – Campaign Tracking & Reporting


How to analyse your marketing activity using the different marketing reports within Adobe Analytics

Recommended Training Time = 3h

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Marketing budgets can be very large and having the ability, independently from your media agencies, to report on the performance of individual marketing channels plus to review the performance of multi channel campaigns or individual creatives, is a key factor in making sure marketing budgets are focused efficiently. This module provides a end to end guide to making all online, and some offline, marketing activity is tracked and can be used to report on online visitor achievements such as orders and revenue.


  • How to configure Adobe Analytics to work with the campaign activity tracking method used within your business
  • A full understanding of ALL the marketing activity reporting within Adobe Analytics
  • How to use your campaign tracking string generation tool
  • How to use your campaign tracking information with other visitor behaviour recorded to understand the effectiveness of your marketing activity

Recommended Training Time = 3h