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Course : Adobe Analytics – User Training Part 1


A Level 1 Users course introducing all the elements needed to get a user productive with Adobe Analytics

Recommended Training Time = 12h

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Covering all the main aspects of Adobe Analytics, this course is designed to get a first time user up and running with how to use the tool set plus gain an understanding of how the different variables work, how to create basic segments and how to use marketing reporting.

Modules included in this Course are –

  • AHA24 – Module : Adobe Analytics – How To Use Standard Reporting
  • AHA25 – Module : Adobe Analytics – How To Use Standard Reporting – Dashboards
  • ADA2 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Understanding Variables & Metrics
  • ADA6 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Basic E-Commerce
  • ADA9 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Campaign Tracking & Reporting
  • ADA13 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Segments

AHA24 –

  • A full understanding of how to use the Standard Reporting in Adobe Analytics
  • A detailed understanding of different report types and how manipulate the data
  • How to set up / save and export reports
  • An understanding of data types within Adobe Analytics

AHA25 –

  • How build and deploy Standard Reporting Dashboards within Adobe Analytics
  • How to create reports to add into dashboards
  • An understanding of what makes a successful dashboard
  • How to manage your dashboards

ADA2 –

  • Understand in detail the difference between Traffic variables and Conversion variables
  • Understand when each type of variable would be used
  • How to run & interpret reports for each type of variable
  • Understand how all standard metrics are configured
  • Understand the different types of Conversion events that can be configured and how to use them in reports
  • Understand the difference between Calculated Metrics and Conversion event metrics and when to use each one

ADA6 –

  • How to report on E-commerce Events and how to create a check-out funnel
  • How to use your E-Commerce data to analyse how your customers are interaction with your site
  • How to relate other activity to interaction with your check-out process

ADA9 –

  • How to configure Adobe Analytics to work with the campaign activity tracking method used within your business
  • A full understanding of ALL the marketing activity reporting within Adobe Analytics
  • How to use your campaign tracking string generation tool
  • How to use your campaign tracking information with other visitor behaviour recorded to understand the effectiveness of your marketing activity

ADA13 –

  • How to design and create Segments
  • How to use Segments to the best effect for visitor behaviour analysis

Course duration – 12h