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Course : Adobe Analytics – User Training Part 2


A Level 2 Users course covering Adobe WorkSpace and other tools to enhance how a user will work with Adobe Analytics

Recommended Training Time = 12h

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This course will cover how to use Adobe WorkSpace, and associated tools, for advanced analysis with a hands on, interactive session plus address the more involved elements of E-Commerce within the tool.

Modules included in this Course are –

  • AHA26 – Module : Adobe Analytics – How To Use Workspace Reporting
  • ADA1 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Advanced E-Commerce
  • ADA8 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Calculated Metrics
  • ADA10 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Classification

AHA26 –

  • How to build reports / dashboards of data within adobe Workspace
  • How each Visualisation works
  • How to manipulate the panels and visualisations
  • The use of Segments and Calculated Metrics within Adobe Workspace
  • How to manage and deploy your Workspaces

ADA1 –

  • Understand how the Product String needs to be configured
  • Understand what Merchandising variables can deliver
  • Understand the different types of Merchandising variables and how & when to deploy each type
  • How to report on all aspects of the advanced E-Commerce in Adobe Analytics

ADA8 –

  • How to Create and manage Calculated Metrics within Adobe Analytics
  • How to use Calculated Metrics in your visitor behaviour data analysis

ADA10 –

  • How to use Classifications within reporting
  • How set up Classifications for variables
  • How download a Classifications template for a variable
  • How to upload Classification for a variable
  • How to automate Classifications

Course duration – 12h