Course : Adobe Analytics Overview


Everything you need to know about an Adobe Analytics system for your business

Recommended Training Time = 6h

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What is Adobe Analytics? How can it be used within my business to understand the behaviour of visitors to my website? This course will highlight what Adobe Analytics can delivery for your business and what you can expect when implementing the system.

Modules included in this Course are –

  • MOA46 – Module : Adobe Experience Cloud – Overview
  • AOA30 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Overview
  • AOA31 – Module : Adobe Analytics – Reporting Overview
  • TMOA57 – Module : Adobe DTM – Overview
  • DLOGen38 – Module : Data Layer Overview

MOA46 –

  • An understanding of how the Adobe Experience Cloud operates
  • An understanding of the different solutions that make up the cloud
  • An overview of the possible integrations between the solutions

AOA30 –

  • An understanding of what Adobe Analytics can deliver for a business
  • A overview of the type of data that can be captured by Adobe Analytics
  • An understanding of the types and levels of reporting that Adobe Analytics can provide
  • A view of how Adobe Analytics data can be used in your business’s wider customer analysis

AOA31 –

  • A complete overview of the types of reporting that Adobe Analytics can offer
  • An understanding of how Adobe Analytics can be used within your business

TMOA57 –

  • An understanding of what Adobe DTM can provide within a business
  • An overview of how Adobe DTM can be used for deploying Adobe Experience Cloud solutions
  • An overview of using Adobe DTM to deploy 3rd party tags
  • A overview of the resources required to run / manage Adobe DTM and the type of process a business requires to run this the solution

DLOGen38 –

  • A full understanding of what a data layer is and how it integrates with your frontend web tools
  • An overview of the DMPG Data Layer Framework
  • An understanding of how a data layer will improve the efficiency of the deployment of your analytics and testing tools

Course duration – 6h