Module : How to Test / Check / Debug an Adobe Implementation


A complete guide to debugging and testing your Adobe implementation

Recommended Training Time = 45m


Being able to test that development and configuration work has been carried out for an Adobe implementation correctly or to investigate why a particular data point is recording incorrect data or not recording at all, requires the use of free tools and an understanding of how and where to look at the data flow. This module will provide a comprehensive look at the end to end process, from the visitor’s behaviour on the site, to that behaviour being reflected in the end tool, either analytics or your testing tool, and how to the various free tools available to see this data flow.


  • A complete understanding of the tools available to help to test an analytics or testing solution implementation
  • A detailed understanding of the Chrome Developer Tools
  • A detailed look at the various diagnostic tools Adobe providers
  • How to apply these tools to your Adobe implementation
  • A view of a testing process that can be adopted to ensure the correct deployment of analytic or testing related development
  • A list of pitfalls to be aware of when testing tagging

Recommended Training Time = 45m