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Course : Adobe Target – Project Implementation


A detailed planning course for your CRO & Personalisation project covering Adobe Target, DTM and data layer

Recommended Training Time = 12h

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Covering all aspects of an Adobe Target implementation project, this course leads you through all the requirements from your business, including resources, to deliver a solid plan for your implementation project. This course will also help you plan your CRO & personalisation business process to allow for successful use of the tools.

Modules included in this Course are –

  • MPA48 – Module : Adobe Target – Implementation Planning
  • TRPPGen76 – Module : Approach for a Successful Testing Process
  • TRPPA75 – Module : Adobe Target – Standard vs Advanced Recommendations & Personalisation
  • TMPA63 – Module : Adobe DTM – Implementation Planning
  • DLPGen39 – Module : Data Layer Implementation Planning
  • MHGen44 – Module : How to Test / Check / Debug Implementation
  • MDA41 – Module : Adobe Target – Reporting on Tests and Test Success Analysis

MPA48 –

  • A detailed plan of all the steps that need to be put in place for a successful Adobe Target implementation (including integration with other Adobe products)
  • A clear outline of a testing process for your business
  • A plan for the different resources required for each stage of the project plus a view of the level of commitment needed from these resources
  • A plan for how to test that the implementation (and future development) is correct
  • An overview of the tasks that will be required in a BAU situation once the initial project is complete

TRPPGen76 –

  • An understanding of all the elements that need to be in place to achieve a successful testing culture within your business
  • Identify which roles in your business should be involved in running a successful testing process
  • An understanding of the planning process for test implementation and which resources will be involved
  • An understanding of how a testing process will integrate with your current development planning (Agile / waterfall etc.)


  • A complete understanding of the capabilities of the different elements of the Adobe Target solution
  • A complete understanding of the data sets required to drive each solution element and the resources / effort involved to meet these requirements
  • An understanding of how each Adobe target element will integrate with other Adobe tools your business already has implemented

TMPA63 –

  • A complete understanding of the capabilities of the DTM solution
  • A a detailed plan for how to use DTM when implementing Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target
  • A detailed plan for implementation of other tools / 3rd party tags within DTM
  • Considerations that need to be understood within your business when a tag management solution is implemented
  • A detailed outline of the process required to run a tag management solution (release strategy / roll back process)
  • A plan for the different resources required for implementation and maintenance of the solution

DLPGen39 –

  • A complete understanding of how a data layer fits into the landscape of your front end tool implementations and why a data layer is required
  • A full understanding of the DMPG Data Layer Framework
  • A detailed plan for how your business will use a data layer
  • A plan for the different resources required to implement the data layer
  • A plan for how to test that the implementation is correct
  • An understanding of the process that needs to be adopted to maintain the data layer during future site development / changes / routine page addition

MHGen44 –

  • A complete understanding of the tools available to help to test an analytics or testing solution implementation
  • A detailed understanding of the Chrome Developer Tools
  • A detailed look at the various diagnostic tools analytics provider have
  • A view of a testing process that can be adopted to ensure the correct deployment of analytic or testing related development
  • A list of pitfalls to be aware of when testing tagging

MDA41 –

  • How to report on the performance & outcome of tests Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics
  • How to integrate Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics
  • What a successful test means to your testing programme and future planned tests

Course duration – 12h