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Module : Approach for a Successful Testing Process


Planning required to implement a best practice testing programme within your business

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m

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Once your business have selected a testing tool, this tool, in itself, will not guarantee a successful testing programme. to ensure that your programme is successful, there needs to be a robust process around the selection, scheduling and reporting on tests. This module covers all aspects of this process, examines why each aspect is necessary and what resources should be involved.


  • An understanding of all the elements that need to be in place to achieve a successful testing culture within your business
  • Identify which roles in your business should be involved in running a successful testing process
  • An understanding of the planning process for test implementation and which resources will be involved
  • An understanding of how a testing process will integrate with your current development planning (Agile / waterfall etc.)

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m