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Module : Data Layer Implementation Planning


A complete plan for implementing the DMPG Data Layer on your site

Recommended Training Time = 3h

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This module will cover the design of your data layer and how it needs to be implemented. Working with the DMPG Data Layer template to provide an initial view of how your data layer will be structured and identify all the resources that will be required to implement the data layer plus a discussion of timescales involved.


  • A complete understanding of how a data layer fits into the landscape of your front end tool implementations and why a data layer is required
  • A full understanding of the DMPG Data Layer template
  • A detailed plan for how your business will use a data layer
  • A plan for the different resources required to implement the data layer
  • A plan for how to test that the implementation is correct
  • An understanding of the process that needs to be adopted to maintain the data layer during future site development / changes / routine page addition

Recommended Training Time = 3h