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Module : Testing / Recommendations & Personalisation Overview


Overview of CRO options and what they can deliver for your business

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m

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Improvements to your business and web site based on understanding visitor and customer behaviour is a key activity for success. Just adding a testing tool tag to your pages does not automatically mean that you will get the site or conversion improvements you expect. This module provides an overview of the different business strategies available for site and business improvement from a simple AB test right through to completely individualisation of you site and offering to each visitor. Also covered will be an outline the type of auxiliary systems and data your business will require to make these strategies work successfully.


  • An understanding of the difference between these testing system options
  • An overview of the what would be involved, and what the benefits could be, for a business that is implementing these different testing options

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m