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Module : Google Tag Manager – Implementation Planning


A complete implementation plan for a putting Google Tag Management on your site

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m

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When planning an implementation of GTM the strategy adopted for the configuration of the Rules and Data Elements will affect how the solution is developed. Having a clear plan for how the configuration will be undertaken can shorten deployment times and make maintenance and troubleshooting easier.


  • A complete understanding of the capabilities of the GTM solution
  • A detailed plan for how to use GTM when implementing Google Analytics
  • A detailed plan for implementation of other tools / 3rd party tags within GTM
  • Considerations that need to be understood within your business when a tag management solution is implemented
  • A detailed outline of the process required to run a tag management solution (release strategy / roll back process)
  • A plan for the different resources required for implementation and maintenance of the solution

Recommended Training Time = 1h 30m