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Course : Google Tag Manager – User Training


A User course introducing all the elements needed to get a user productive with Google Tag Manager

Recommended Training Time = 9h

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This course will cover all aspects of the GTM system including the implementation of configuration for Google Analytics and the deployment of 3rd party tags plus and understanding of the processes required to run a successful tag management system.

Modules included in this Course are –

  • TMDG53 – Module : Google Tag Manager – Adding 3rd Party Tags
  • TMDG54 – Module : Google Tag Manager – Setting up Triggers and Variables

TMDG53 –

  • How to use GTM to add 3rd party tags
  • How to set up conditions to allow for the selected firing of tags
  • Understand the process required to get approval and release tags

TMDG54 –

  • Understanding the different sort of Rules in GTM and when to use each one
  • How to configure each Rule type
  • How to set up Data Elements and connect them to a data data source
  • Understanding of best practice for deploying Rules across your site

Course duration – 9h