GA4 Migration Programme

Google Universal Analytics is being deprecated from July 2023 (October 2023 for 360 Customers). It has a different data model meaning it requires a total re-implementation from Universal Analytics


As a Google Analytics Certified Partner with hands-on experience, we are perfectly positioned to support you and your business through this migration process.

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How can DMPG support you:

Audit & Recommendation

  • Solution design document detailing everything that needs to be tracked and how vs what is being tracked
  • Architectural configuration design for Accounts, Properties, Sub-Properties and assets within Properties
  • Mapping document showing how requirements will be achieved in GA4 and how this relates to the data layer dependencies
  • Timeline with estimates and dependencies for achieving migration plan


  • Detailed event-by-event, screen-by-screen solution design document detailing tracking requirements for GA4 compared to UA
  • Support for any data layer changes required for all platforms
  • Development of code changes inside Google Tag Manager (or other TMS)
  • QA and verification of new implementation

Enablement & On-Going Support

  • Hands-on training and coaching for all team members to become self-sufficient extracting reports and insights from new GA4 datastreams
  • Continual support for all future changes to data collection, reporting and insights needs - an extension of your existing team
  • Guidance for all future best practice approaches for data collection and insight generation
  • Support for all macro-industry changes (GDPR, cookies, GA5)

Reporting & Insights

  • Key Performance Indicator definitions and self-serve reporting toolbox including customised left-hand menu to support ‘frequently used’ reporting requirements
  • Report and asset (segments, filters etc) creation to support key insights criteria
  • Optional support for creation of Data Studio Dashboards consolidating data from multiple sources
  • Support for extracting data out of GA via Google BigQuery

For a limited time we will be offering our Audit & Recommendation component free of charge.

Please apply for this by contacting us and providing details about your business.