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Make the most of Adobe Analytics & Workspace with a Tailored Training Course from DMPG

Our approach to creating a tailored training course follows these steps:


Requirements Session

We’ll do this over the phone or on-site with you to really understand your business, how the tools are currently configured and what you need them to deliver


Course Design

We avoid following a rigid design and instead customise the specific modules based on the requirements of your business and delegates

Customer Performance

Training Delivery

This can be done on-site or at one of our training venues. It can also involve follow up sessions via screen-share as well as support via phone calls and emails

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people can attend the training courses?

Ultimately this decision is up to you. Our experience tells us that the optimum number of delegates on these courses us usually between 2 and 6, with a maximum of 10. What we also recommend is that you split your delegates at least by functional area and if possible by their level of existing knowledge/experience of the tool(s). We find that having delegates with similar motivations and experiences tends to lead to a more efficient and productive course.

If delegates across your organisation have widely different levels of experience but you’d want to avoid having multiple training sessions delivered, we can work with you to prep delegates before the actual course is delivered.

2. How much does it cost?

Because we handle this like a service rather than trying to deliver a ‘productised’ course it will differ based on your specific needs.  Our tailored training courses are not charged ‘per head’ and start from as little as £4,000 + VAT.  Cost variance will normally occur due to the complexity of the business, number of courses that are required to be delivered and where the course delivery takes place (your site or at one of our venues).

As an average our courses run at £6,000 + VAT.  This will include detailed requirements sessions, on-site and screen-share sessions as well as unlimited email follow-up support for 3 months after the course delivery.

3. What exactly is included?

Our main aim is to deliver something of value to you.  As such we will tailor each deliverable to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need/want from the course.  Typically this involves 3 main steps.

  1. Requirements – we’ll come on-site or arrange a video conference to get to know you, do a basic audit of  your tools/setup and work with you to understand the business objectives and what specific delegates need from the course
  2. Training Design – based on your requirements and how you need the course(s) to be delivered we will create a tailored format for you.  This can then be used by you internally for subsequent internal training sessions
  3. Course Delivery – on-site, via screen-share or a combination, we will deliver this to the teams who need it regardless of their location.  You will also get unlimited email follow up support for 3 months after the course

4. Can we re-use your training material to train others in the business?

Yes.  We actively encourage you to take the material we provide for the purpose of delivering repeat sessions internally perhaps as new people join the team or others need to be trained to get more out of the tool.  The material cannot be used to train anyone outside of your business without prior approval from us however.

5. Can I see an example course schedule?

It would be our pleasure. Here is a link to a PDF outlining a 2-day module we delivered as part of a 3-day course schedule for a client.

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