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Do you have complete faith in your Digital Analytics Data? Perhaps you have a legacy implementation and you’re unsure of what the original requirements were?

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After an initial fairly basic implementation of their Digital Analytics provided by a 3rd party it became very apparent during a training session run by DMPG that they were missing out on a huge amount of value from their available data. After a data layer redesign and implementation this lead to an analytics optimisation allowing them to realise the full potential of their data.


Operating as a very lean ‘pure-play’ business model, Snapfish wanted to operate a centralised team for all Digital Analytics support. After facing challenges with hiring and retaining a large internal team of analysts, TMS engineers and analytics developers they turned to DMPG for support consistency. This is now provided as an extended function of a smaller centralised team that handles implementation and insights requests globally.

RS Components

RS Components

In order to scale their efforts for content and product personalisation across their global websites RS needed to prove the value at a macro level as well as understand the exact impact each of the component items were having. DMPG designed a custom tracking framework utilising the rich feature-set that Adobe Analytics has to offer to allow personalised content/product performance to be reported at the user, page, module and module item level without dramatically impacting server calls.

Trinity Mirror

As part of a migration of digital analytics tools we audited an implementation across 50+ brands most of which had an accompanying iOS and Android app and in some case AMP and FBIA pages. This resulted in a standardised and optimised re-implementation into their new tool all within 4 months!

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