DMPG’s Social Proof Integration

Social proof is a proven method to increase conversion. DMPG have the only ready to go integration using Adobe or Google Analytics.

DMPG Proofit Results


Intro DMPG Proofit

DMPG has created a social proof integration for Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics customers.

The integration takes Analytics data and makes it visible onsite. So shoppers can see what others shoppers have done while visiting and buying from your site or app.

Visitors are able to see how viewed, purchased and or scarce products are, in near real time – a proven method to increase sales.

“95% of people are imitators and only 5% initiators… people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.”

Robert Cialdini Author: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Integration Experience Examples

DMPG Proofit creates the integration, but our services can help you maximise the ROI. By testing and understanding what converts different customer groups, we can apply the right messages and increase purchases through experiences on PLP, PDP, and in-basket pages. The integration can use any data collected in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to present key messages to all customers or groups of customers.

Utilise Key Emotional Triggers like


By showing your customers how many products remain available, we may increase conversion and drive customers to a quicker decision.


By showing how many people have viewed and bought a product may make a person buy now, instead of later or never.


By showing visitors how popular and purchased new release products are, people may follow because it’s proven to be popular.


If items are expensive and require more thought before purchasing, seeing that others too have purchase may reduce the shoppers anxiety.


If your new release products have low reviews, there is no social proof. Proofit will immediately show how popular products are, with no delay getting reviews.


By showcasing how popular and purchased products are there is better information available for a visitor to make a decision faster.

Why we created the integration

DMPG saw an opportunity to make something cost-effective and more available for all data-driven companies. Utilising our expertise with Google and Adobe technology, we created the Proofit integration to provide new opportunities to our clients and maximise the use of implemented technology in an affordable way. Removing the requirement to purchase a new technology license to achieve the same thing.

Historically, it wasn’t something that was achievable using Adobe or Google Analytics data.

It requires a new technology license, which can be very expensive.

Majority of websites rely on reviews only for social proof. Popularity data is key to sales.

Using social proof messaging has a significant effect on conversion rates and revenue.

Implementation Process

Avg. 3 weeks

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