Proofit – DMPG’s Social Proof Integration

Social proof is a proven method to increase conversion. DMPG have the only ready to go integration using Adobe or Google Analytics.

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Intro DMPG Proofit

DMPG has created a social proof integration for Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics customers.

The integration takes Analytics data and makes it visible onsite. So people can see what other shoppers have done while visiting and buying from your site or app.

Visitors are able to see how viewed, purchased and or scarce products are, in near real time – a proven method to increase sales.

“95% of people are imitators and only 5% initiators… people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.”

Robert Cialdini Author: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Integration Experience Examples

DMPG Proofit delivers a powerful integration between your analytics and testing solution; our services then help drive business value and maximise ROI. Proofit’s capability enables you to test and better understand what influences priority customer groups, and apply the right messages through experiences on product list, product details and in-basket pages. The integration harnesses data you are already collecting in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics enabling you to reinforce key messages fuelling growth and profitability.

Utilise Key Emotional Triggers like


Customers are more likely to buy if they are worried about missing out. Showing low stock levels can encourage customers to act quickly, increasing sales.


Customer’s motivation to act increases where they sense competition. Showing how many people have viewed or bought a product, can increase conversion rates.


People often react more emotionally when part of a larger group. Showing visitors how popular products are among peers, can influence user behaviour by appealing to social validation.


Expensive items require more time to research before users are willing to buy. Reducing customer anxiety with reinforcement can shorten the consideration phase.


New products often face a ‘cold-start’ challenge where formal reviews have not yet been provided by customers. Proofit mitigates this by quickly exposing other popularity metrics.


By showcasing recent purchase metrics vicarious gratification can cause users to act and more likely to push through friction in purchase funnels.

Why we created the integration

DMPG saw an opportunity to make something cost-effective and more available for all data-driven companies. Drawing on our deep expertise with Google and Adobe technology, we created the Proofit integration to provide new our clients with new opportunities to maximise the value realised from existing technology investment. This is how we have made Proofit so competitively priced when compared with competitor solutions – we have removed the cost of purchase a new technology license while delivering the same compelling capability.

Unlock existing analytics data silos e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics

Save money – No new licences, and drive more value from existing tech

Mitigate the challenges associated with traditional reviews

Using social proof messaging has a significant effect on conversion rates and revenue.

Implementation Process

Avg. 3 weeks

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