DMPG’s Cookie Audit & Consulting Services

Cookies have underpinned the web for over two decades but they are increasingly unreliable and a sunset horizon is coming in 2023. We will help you to understand your exposure & mitigate the risks

Cookie Research: Context

Of sites have third party cookie dependencies*
The average number of third party cookie domains*
Of marketers have a good understanding of third-party cookie decline**

*See our report Counting Cookies: The Reliance, the Risk, and the Remedy produced in collaboration with Observe Point & Similarweb.
**Source eConsultancy link

DMPG Services & Support

Deep Site Audit

Crawl of your site pages to identify all cookies set, categorised as first OR third party with the functional category to help you understand where risk resides

Risk Mitigation

We will help coordinate with your technical team and necessary vendors to migrate third party tech implementations (where possible)

Future State Strategy

Support creating a ‘future state’ strategy to develop first-party data assets and drive users to an authenticated state, centralising data and creating real-time profiles

The risk of doing nothing is significant, third-party cookies are commonly used in advertising targeting & personalisation, site performance measurement, site functionality such as live chat, surveys, sharing buttons, and necessary for payments and login functionality.

DMPG can help you to become confident that you and your users aren’t going to be impacted in 2023.

Cookie Confidence – Benefits

Businesses that understand their cookie landscape and mitigate dependencies ahead of time will position themselves as well as possible to support:

Impact Minimisation

Action can be taken to migrate as many third party cookies to first party where possible, review and mitigate tech dependencies where possible

Strategic Alignment

Media dependencies and impact, once understood can be managed with adjustments and or reallocation of budgets ahead of time

Data Quality

Where measurement and attribution dependencies are identified alternative tech and approaches to implementation can be developed

Site Functionality

Key dependencies which could impact site functionality and in turn user experience can be mitigated before problems and errors emerge

Media Efficiency

Media dependencies and impact, once understood can be managed with adjustments and or reallocation of budgets ahead of time

Trust Practices

Trust practices can be implemented or updated to help reinforce and extend user relationships and support first party data initiatives

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