Evaluate: GA4 – Solution Alignment

Is Google Analytics 4 the right solution for your business?

DMPG is certified in several leading analytics solutions and are well placed to help you determine whether GA4 or an alternative solution may be better suited to meeting your needs and provide room for growth.

This is a great opportunity to review your analytics solution in a wider context

For many clients who are already using Google Analytics (UA/GA3) migrating to GA4 will make sense before the deadline in 2023 but the process will require significant investment in time and resources, so it’s prudent to first verify whether the solution aligns to your ‘future state’ analytics and personalisation maturity and capability development aspirations.

Make sure you ask and answer key questions such as:

What is our current level of maturity in analytics & personalisation VS competitor set?
Does GA4 readily support the advanced analytics use cases of your business?
Does GA4 readily support the advanced personalisation use cases of your business?
Can GA4 scale to meet your future state requirements??

How does GA compare to an alternative ‘Enterprise Analytics Solution’?

DMPG have produced a detailed report making a direct comparison between GA and Adobe Analytics, There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the right analytics platform.

As a tech-agnostic consultancy, DMPG is well placed to work with you to unpack your requirements and help ensure that there is good fit with your chosen analytics platform with room for growth in DX maturity

Evaluate your CX strategy, current and future-state maturity, and framing business context. Identify the features that are going to be important to your business in the mid-term?

GA4 – Common Challenges:

GA4 has significantly fewer reports out of the box when compared to GA3. Arguably the reports interface, while customisable makes it quite difficult to get at reports and insights that are quite a lot easier in GA3 and other solutions. If you are looking to undertake deep dive analyses you may find the edges of the exploration functionality quite quickly.

There are some limits to GA4 data collection and while standard reports typically reflect 100% of data, sampling does occur in certain circumstances in advanced reports. One common frustration is inconsistent metrics between GA4 reports & explorations, also significant limitations exist around metrics and dimensions available in google data studio.

Like the previous version of GA, GA4 does provide functionality to pass out a pseudonymous identifier, along with Googles signals and ‘modelling’ to enable user stitching & ‘deduplication’ and there is no support for layered IDs and advanced merge logic/rulesets.

GA4 introduces enhanced audience definition including time based inclusion/exclusion functions which presents a powerful interface with the broader Google ‘media-verse’. however, there is no support for advanced orchestration and triggering into owned channels, additional tech will be required and integrations build which can be expensive and time consuming.

If you are on the free version of GA the support options are quite limited.

DMPG are experienced in supporting clients with Migration for more information check out our GA4 Migration page >> click here


Start defining what success looks like?

DMPG’s experienced consultants advocate for business discovery at the start of any project.

It’s critical to start with a clear picture of the business vision, goals and objectives, operating context and desired outcomes.

Fully understand your options

Before you commit it’s important to scrutinise the options.

Work to understand the art of the possible and how vendors stack up against each otherin meeting your specific business needs.

Invaluable outputs from this workstream include defined primary use cases. Assessment criteria and a summary of respective pros & cons for each of the solutions reviewed to enable an informed decision.

Prepare for the journey with an experienced partner

DMPG have extensive experience in specifying implementations from scratch and in re-implementing suboptimal implementations.

As such we will leverage tried and tested templates to plan the delivery of your migration to ensure that you successfully transition on time and in budget.

A key deliverable from this phase will be a detailed project delivery plan tailored to your businesses context with clear stages, inputs/outputs and milestones giving your team a blue print for success.

DMPG can extend your team and do the lifting for you

DMPG have extensive experience in specifying implementations from scratch and in re-implementing suboptimal deployments.

As such we will leverage tried and tested templates to plan and deliver your migration to successfully transition on time and in budget.

You won’t need to worry about deliver and can instead focus on planning to use all of the rich insights that you will have available to you!

Develop internal capability

DMPG carry extensive certifications in wide range of analytics and optimisation technologies, including Google, Adobe, FullStory, Tealium et al.

DMPG pride ourselves on transferring our skills and experience into teams and in helping client to build out their internal capability.

We strive to help clients minimise the time to value from the investments made in measurement and performance optimisation tech.

Need support that is tailored to your specific needs?

Have already started one or more parts of the migration process and need help in particular areas or have you struggled with one or more aspects?

DMPG can pick-up from wherever you have gotten upto or fully customise the support needed with fixed fee or flexible time and material models available.

For more information please reach out to us on hello@dmpteam.com

How DMPG can help make sure you get it right

Audit & Evaluate

DMPG take a discovery led approach to consulting engagements, this helps us to ensure that we fully understand your needs and context, before we propose solutions.

Our tried and tested approach has been shown to deliver significant value to our clients and minimise time to value.

Playback & Plan

Effective communication and planning are at the heart of our approach to service delivery and keeping projects on time and in budget.

We are happy to provide case studies and walk you through real-world examples, please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Who we work with

Clients currently trusting us to help guide them on their GA4 journey include:

You’re in Safe Hands

Beyond certifications, the DMPG team includes many experienced practitioners with an extensive range and depth of experience from many industries spanning strategy down to technical systems integration and development.

We pride ourselves in being, straight talking, no-fluff creative problem solvers, with unparalleled attention to detail and focus on delivering client value quickly in a friendly and professional manner.

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