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Boden were flooded with test ideas, but struggling to execute these & fulfill the enormous value potential of the conversion rate optimisation program. With our help they are now optimising and personalising fervently and work from a dedicated strategic roadmap, with each experiment bringing them closer to long-term, well defined business goals. Our close relationship with the testing team has helped us move seamlessly from execution, through to reporting/ analysis & strategy, supporting the end to end evolution of the program.

Center Parcs

Center Parcs had made a great start, with plenty of ideas and a strong internal dev team. Partnership with DMPG helped them to raise the bar technically and open the path to more radical transformation through strategic planning. With our broad, cross-sector experience we were able to call out high value, low effort ideas and ensured their team’s time & energy was spent in the most effective way possible, driving both short term ROI & long term strategic goals.


Hive were struggling to drive value with their limited existing CRO optimisation suite and required re-tooling. DMPG designed and implemented a full Adobe Target instance. The implementation was aligned with a strategic CRO testing roadmap to ensure it drove tangible performance outcomes. DMPG stayed on-board beyond to support roll out of the testing roadmap, providing oversight on strategy and execution resource for test builds and reporting.


SMARTY had been running CRO tests using Google Optimize with some success however testing efforts were being limited by an inaccurate analytics implementation and a migration to React. Since our engagement we have reimplemented Optimize in a way to minimize flicker in tests on a single page app environment and we have overhauled their analytics implementation. This has enabled SMARTY to run experiments more effectively and together we have developed a strategic data led approach to their testing efforts while becoming a core member of their optimisation team.

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