Client Enablement Lead (talent pool)

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We’re always ready to hire the best people when they become available, so while we’re not urgently hiring for this “talent pool” role at the moment, there’s a good chance we’ll still make an offer if everything lines up.

Please do apply and we’ll very quickly give you a lead time on potential start date.

If you have…

  • Analytics: 1,3 or 5+ yrs experience working directly within Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics (technical or insight/ reporting).
  • CRO: or experience managing CRO (web experimentation) programs and/ or web personalisation.
  • Attitude: a proactive by default mindset, a sense of humour (seriously, this is important) and a palpable yearning to become much better.

Then this could be the best place in the world for your career

The DMPG Mission

We are a highly experienced team, dedicated to maximising client value return on data & technology. We’ve managed to do this better than anybody else for 10yrs running by:

  • Knowing digital data & the customer experience better than anyone
  • Hiring the best people (see Benefits)
  • Working honestly (we never over-sell or under-deliver & operate as part of our clients’s teams)

Our mission is to become recognised world leaders across our entire service portfolio and we have a serious plan to get there, across the UK, EU, US & AU.

Our team typically grows 30% each year. If successful, we’ll tell you exactly which DMPG role looks best matched and when we expect that specific role to become available.

What we do

Our core enablement services cover six key components within two service strands:


1. Data layer strategy, design and implementation

2. Tag management strategy, deployment and maintenance

3. Analytics strategy, implementation and insights support


4. Conversion rate optimisation strategy, execution and insights support

5. Personalisation strategy, execution and insights support

6. Omni-channel digital customer experience journey orchestration

We typically start working with a client on one distinct problem (e.g. a new Analytics implementation) and then quickly demonstrate the value of broader engagement (e.g. by delivering impactful insight based on newly reliable data or by setting up a few quick win CRO/P tests)
The cornerstone of all our services is accurate data, matched with evolving business needs & trusted by the entire organisation.

Our Three Role Types

  • Engineers (people who write code)
    • 90% of time spent on your subject matter
    • 10% of time spent on calls & comms
  • Enablement Leads (people who manage client accounts)
    • 40-60% of time spent on primary subject matter expertise (e.g. Analytics)
    • 15-25% of time spent on secondary subject (e.g. CRO program planning)
    • 15-45% of time spent managing clients & your delivery team (increasing with seniority)
  • Enablement Specialists (somewhere in the middle – typically managing individual projects within accounts)
    • More time for primary subject
    • Secondary subject is not required but will be arranged if desired
    • 10-20% of time spent managing projects & DMPG delivery team

This Role – Senior/ Base/ Junior Enablement Lead

Enablement Lead is perhaps the role we find hardest to recruit for, but for the right person it’s a unique opportunity to map out & implement a digital landscape for prominent global businesses, with DMPG’s deep and easily tapped pool of expertise at your disposal and our complete backing for whichever paths you choose. To succeed in this role you need to also enjoy managing complex projects and communicating your vision to decision makers who typically know less than you about the subject and might initially be quite sceptical.

You will thrive in this role if you enjoy the freedom & responsibility of setting your own agenda; if you are extremely well organised and have the emotional intelligence to handle sensitive situations when they occur.

You will struggle in this role if you enjoy the security of a predictable working routing, if you are any less than extremely well organised or resistant to the small but important amount of admin that invariably comes with authority (keeping tickets up to date, taking & sharing call notes, chasing DMPG & client developers etc).

Client Enablement Leads typically manage multifaceted projects and must have a good working understanding of all DMPG services (see website). This skill breadth is desirable but can be developed on the job where there is sufficient aptitude.


In this role you will report to the COO, who will support you on all client tasks and ensure you’re getting the best possible support from the team to deliver for your clients & accelerate your career. Your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Being the primary interface for our clients running their workstreams as per 6 core services listed above. We support those services via a mix of Adobe & Google centric base technology, increasingly also engaging with Email & Ad Networks managed centrally by a CDP.
  • Ensuring all client requirements are understood, documented and validated, drawing on your experience to help define requirements.
  • Manage the client delivery of tasks related predominantly to your primary subject area:
    • Data Collection (inc. analytics implementation)
      • Creating requirements documentation
      • Creating detailed solution design reference documents
      • Building implementation/deployment plans
      • Configuring the tools (RSIDs, Activities etc)
      • Working with the internal and external team members to manage the implementation process
      • Working with the internal team members and client stakeholders to ensure all parties are completing their tasks to achieve the overall deliverable on time
      • Supporting the development team to ensure QA is completed to the highest standard
      • Creating segments, calculated metrics and performance dashboards to ensure all reporting requirements are met
      • Proactively engaging with clients to continually enhance data collection and usage
        or Data Activation (CRO/ Personalisation program management & Reporting/ Insights)
    • Research: Interrogating client data, their competitors, UX research and AI CX evaluation tools to generate strong test ideas
    • Execution: scoping tests, moulding these with the client, briefing to DMPG dev team, overseeing development & launch and monitoring to deactivation
    • Evaluation: building test results dashboards, applying relevant audiences, writing summaries including actions
    • Strategy: turning lots of individual test results into compelling narratives for change, typically delivered within quarterly reviews.
    • Cross-Channel Interface: key to success is the ability to think outside of your comfort zone – bringing in other DMPG teams to contribute where beneficial to the program, e.g. suggesting an Analytics Audit where data quality is compromising testing, or an omni-channel audit where there’s untapped opportunity to extend web successes to email/ ad networks.
  • Ability to support COO and the client on their digital experience strategy and tool selection
  • Ability to provide training support to your clients based on your advanced capabilities/experience of the core tools we use
  • Regarded as a subject matter expert in any one of our 6 service strands.

Your ESSENTIAL skills and experience (Data Activation Specialist):


  • 1, 3 or 5+ years Adobe Analytics/ Google Analytics, including extensive use of admin functions & reporting
  • Ability to support clients across workstreams that span Data Collection AND Data Activation
  • Proficient in google / microsoft office tools inc. spreadsheets and slide decks


  • Proactive by default
  • Excellent communication skills – verbal, written & presentation material + delivery
  • Excellent task management skills & comfort triaging a long task list
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced, team environment
  • Sense of humour

Salary and benefits

We have a 95% offer acceptance rate and no candidate has ever turned down a DMPG job offer in favour of another comparable agency role.

0% staff turnover in 2023

This has helped us to build the best team in the business and is built on

  • Absolute meritocracy*
  • Maximal working flexibility
  • Rapid development paths (30% YoY growth means nobody has ever had to wait for a promotion that they’re personally ready for)
  • & an extremely warm, friendly environment*We use transparent salary bands, extremely detailed personal development feedback & an OKRs Impact Points framework for measuring & returning personal value creation to make sure you get back what you put in, and you’re never waiting for a promotion that you deserve.

Benefits include:

  • Junior EL: up to £53k
  • Base EL: £53 – £64k
  • Senior EL: £64 – £74.5K
  • Unlimited bonus (up to 10%, 15% & 20% commonly achieved & absolute control over this via our OKRs Impact Points framework
  • 7% Pension
  • Private Medical Cover
  • £2k Annual Health and Wellbeing Budget (will be provided Pro Rata)
  • Unlimited Training & Development Budgets
  • £5k Limit on Cycle to Work Scheme
  • 4.5 day Working Week
  • Flexibility in Working Hours/Location
  • Summer & Winter Parties
  • Zero Politics or Bureaucracy


Home-based (Remote), with the option of joining one of our monthly Central London meetups or more regular ad-hoc weekly coworking sessions.

Enablement Lead: UK only & up to ~3hrs total travel time from London
Enablement Specialist: “Europe+” (up to +/-2hrs vs London time zone)
Engineer: “Worldwide”


This is a chance to be part of a fast growing team delivering real value for major clients and uniquely rapid progression opportunities. We are in most cases considered as an extension of our client’s team and as such enjoy effective and long-standing working relationships. You should be motivated to make a real difference to all client engagements and to deliver best value through excellence.

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