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Do you have big ideas for CRO & Personalisation strategy? Maybe you work for an agency, you’ve seen how things are done traditionally but yearn for greater freedom; for more time to build out your own ideas and turn them into cohesive & powerful strategy.

After 7 years of CRO/ P and thousands of tests, our practice has grown incredibly quickly off the back of enormous client value generation. We’re not as good as we could be at building excitement with clients around this though, and that’s where this new role comes in! We need somebody with big ideas, who’s really good at framing those within a compelling & energising narrative.

If you have…

  • 5yrs+ hands-on experience managing CRO/ Personalisation programs, coming up with ideas, briefing tests, building dashboards and distilling data into actionable insights.
  • Ideas: loads of ideas, and the focus to deliver on the details.
  • GA4/ AA reporting/ analytics experience
  • A self-starters attitude: Your success in this role will be determined by your ability to manage your own timelines and work proactively to drive forward standards.. If you are the sort of person who works best with a detailed task list laid out before you then this probably isn’t the one for you.
  • Personality: a proactive by default mindset, a sense of humour (this is really important) and a palpable yearning to become much better.

Then this could be the best place in the world for your career

The DMPG Mission

We are a highly experienced team, dedicated to maximising client value return on data & technology. We’ve managed to do this better than anybody else for 10yrs running by:

  • Knowing digital data & the customer experience better than anyone
  • Hiring the best people (see Benefits)
  • Working honestly (we never over-sell or under-deliver & operate as part of our clients’s teams)

Our mission is to become recognised world leaders across our entire service portfolio and we have a serious plan to get there, across the UK, EU, US & AU.

What we do

Our core enablement services cover six key components within two service strands:


1. Data layer strategy, design and implementation

2. Tag management strategy, deployment and maintenance

3. Analytics strategy, implementation and insights support


4. Conversion rate optimisation strategy, execution and insights support

5. Personalisation strategy, execution and insights support

6. Omni-channel digital customer experience journey orchestration

We typically start working with a client on one distinct problem (e.g. a new Analytics implementation) and then quickly demonstrate the value of broader engagement (e.g. by delivering impactful insight based on newly reliable data or by setting up a few quick win CRO/P tests)

The cornerstone of all our services is accurate data, matched with evolving business needs & trusted by the entire organisation.

This Role – CRO & Personalisation Solution Architect

We currently have ~15 CRO/P clients, with an industry-beating average win rate of 43%.

Our clients often come to us for dev support, then as we layer in our strategic practices, this non-dev component becomes more and more important.

Most of our longer term clients put a lot of stock into our strategic input, but the journey to this point is far slower than it could be. We’re now ready to invest big in professionalising our practices and crystalising our huge wealth of experience into a single, easily explained set of CRO/P activation principles.

This role may involve leadership of a single CRO/ P client, but will primarily be focused on working with existing client leads to define our principles and then energise clients & prospects around these.

We need somebody with huge energy for CRO/P, a wealth of experience & ideas and a really engaging manner of communication.


In this role you will report to the COO, who will support you on all aspects of your work and ensure you’re getting the best possible support from the team. Your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Being the primary interface for our clients within your own subject specialism – perhaps client leading or perhaps client supporting.

The exact shape of this role will be defined during the interview stage & shaped around the candidate.

Salary and benefits

We have a 95% offer acceptance rate and no candidate has ever turned down a DMPG job offer in favour of another comparable agency role.

0% staff turnover in 2023

This has helped us to build the best team in the business and is built on

  • Absolute meritocracy*
  • Maximal working flexibility
  • Rapid development paths (30% YoY growth means nobody has ever had to wait for a promotion that they’re personally ready for)
  • & an extremely warm, friendly environment*We use transparent salary bands, extremely detailed personal development feedback & an OKRs Impact Points framework for measuring & returning personal value creation to make sure you get back what you put in, and you’re never waiting for a promotion that you deserve.

*We use transparent salary bands, extremely detailed personal development feedback & an OKRs Impact Points framework for measuring & returning personal value creation to make sure you get back what you put in, and you’re never waiting for a promotion that you deserve.

Salary include:

This is a new role with no predetermined salary banding. All our other roles have explicit salary bands, so take a look at those on if you’d like some benchmarks.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited bonus (up to 10%, 15% & 20% commonly achieved & absolute control over this via our OKRs Impact Points framework
  • 7% Pension
  • Private Medical Cover
  • £2k Annual Health and Wellbeing Budget (will be provided Pro Rata)
  • Unlimited Training & Development Budgets
  • £5k Limit on Cycle to Work Scheme
  • 4.5 day Working Week
  • Flexibility in Working Hours/Location
  • Summer & Winter Parties
  • Zero Politics or Bureaucracy


Home-based (Remote), with the option of joining one of our monthly Central London meetups or more regular ad-hoc weekly coworking sessions.

Enablement Lead: UK only & up to ~3hrs total travel time from London
Enablement Specialist: “Europe+” (up to +/-2hrs vs London time zone)
Engineer: “Worldwide”


This is a chance to be part of a fast growing team delivering real value for major clients and uniquely rapid progression opportunities. We are in most cases considered as an extension of our client’s team and as such enjoy effective and long-standing working relationships. You should be motivated to make a real difference to all client engagements and to deliver best value through excellence.

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