At DMPG we pride ourselves on being a transparent and ethical organisation.  As such, we cannot and will not stand by as Putin rages on with an unprovoked attack on Ukraine.  It is an atrocity on the Ukrainian people, an abhorrent show of carelessness for Russian people and an attack on democracy and freedom worldwide.

Whilst we can’t do much from behind our desks, we can spare some money which can make a real impact on some lives.  We want to act quickly before it’s too late.

On Wednesday March 2nd 2022, on behalf of the DMPG Team and their families, we donated 50% of what we expect our March profits to be.  This equates to £20,000 which has been transferred to charities close to the front-lines via the Disasters Emergency Committee

The DEC, set up by the UK government, will distribute these funds to a variety of charities that include Action Aid, British Red Cross, Care International, Save the Children and many more.  Furthermore, the UK government will match this donation therefore creating £40,000 worth of aid from our donation alone.

DMPG Donation Receipt

^^This screenshot is not for kudos.  It is for credibility given what we’re about to say next. 

We want to encourage all fellow small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to join us in our approach and donate now to any appeal that supports the people of Ukraine in their darkest hour.

In addition to making this sizeable donation we have also:

  1. Provided financial support for relocation to the UK for any DMPG Team member affected by Putin’s attack on Ukraine.
  2. Verified that none of our clients have links to the Kremlin – any client that did would have been immediately resigned and all future clients will be verified in the same way.

SMBs represent over 60% of employees in the UK and we are a nimble, innovative ecosystem unconstrained by corporate policies.  We have the ability to make great change quickly, at a time when it is needed most.

To all SMBs of Europe… this March, let’s #MarchTogether by making the biggest donation of funds we possibly can.  Whether it’s 1% or 100% of profits, it will make a difference.

Please share this statement with as many people you think will listen and maybe follow suit.

We stand with the people of Ukraine, we #MarchTogether.

Slava Ukraini,