• Over 50% saving vs. Taggstar
  • 100% product coverage vs. 85% with Taggstar
  • Integration with personalisation programe
  • Direct control over onsite experience & analysis
  • Three week implementation

What was the challenge?

Joules needed adaptable & broadly integrated social proofing as part of a powerful digital change program.

Their existing implementation was isolated, with only the vendor (Taggstar) able to make changes.

The Joules Solution

Joules ran an AB test – DMPG Proofit vs. Taggstar

Joules launched a Proofit POC, initially running in parallel with Taggstar as part of an AB test. This test gave a narrow advantage to Proofit, attributed to greater product coverage & faster loading.

Expansion onto product list & basket pages, alongside a directly controlled optimisation program has since multiplied the revenue benefit and provided more control to the team.

DMPG worked with Joules to connect Adobe Analytics product data to Adobe Target, via DMPG Proofit, our social proof integration, giving Joules best in class data collection & content personalisation messaging opportunity. Proofit removed the requirement to have an additional tech implemented and saved significant amount of money that could be better invested elsewhere.

Proofit provides Joules with unparalleled flexibility

  • The ability to utilise the results and combine them into a wider set of personalisation tests including email social proof.

  • Maximise the use of Adobe technology and the product data collected via Analytics. Instead of just using it for direct personalisation efforts, Joules can now simply use the product data volume (popularity) to help sell more products.

  • Retain immediate & total control over the entire experience, through the Adobe Target interface

  • A 3 week implementation to deliver real-time messages to customers.

What’s Next for Joules & Proofit?

Social proof integrated within wider personalisation program as standard
Highly customised data feed & delivery, designed around Joules own innovations
“Hidden Gems” flips social proofing on its head, focusing on well-loved products that nobody few others have bought
Creative data windows open up social proofing to lower volume market & use cases
Proofing tied not to the page but the customer, following their journey & reassuring when needed

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