Boden gain +7% in online revenue by creating an innovative way to maximise Adobe Analytics data


  • +7% increase in online revenue per year
  • Eight-figure return, annually
  • Seven figure return, during trial period
  • 100x ROI during trial period, including setup cost
  • A 3 week implementation!

What was the challenge?

Boden is a well-loved fashion brand operating in seven markets across three continents. Strong and lasting relationships are at the heart of their success, built on a playful & warm tone that is uniquely Boden.

Boden’s staples are fantastically reviewed, but with a rapidly evolving range, many items aren’t around for long enough to collect review data. So the Boden trade team set out to supplement reviews with more responsive proof of value. Data-driven social proof looked like a great option, but there was reluctance to run such critical messaging through a new 3rd party provider.

Boden’s Proofit Solution

The business needed complete control to quickly adapt the social proof experiences as their customers’ feedback and as their needs evolved. Boden wanted the ability to measure the success of their messages holistically within Adobe Analytics but, this historically wasn’t possible using Adobe technology. So there was a concern their existing Adobe Analytics data wouldn’t be a viable option to use meaning the business may have to find a 3rd party provider instead of maximising data they have already collected, and already own.

Boden focused on utilising existing implemented technology to provide core messages to customers on site

DMPG, approached Boden with a proposal to connect Adobe Analytics product data to Adobe Target, via DMPG Proofit, our social proof integration, giving Boden best in class data collection & content personalisation messaging opportunity, without bringing in new tech and saving a significant amount of money.

Proofit provides Boden with unparralled flexibility

  • The ability to utilise the results and combine them into a wider set of personalisation tests including email social proof.

  • Maximise the use of Adobe technology and the product data collected via Analytics. Instead of just using it for direct personalisation efforts, Boden can now simply use the product data volume (popularity) to help sell more products.

  • Retain immediate & total control over the entire experience, through the Adobe Target interface

  • A 3 week implementation to deliver real-time messages to customers.

What’s Next for Boden & Proofit?

Social proof integrated within wider personalisation program as standard
Highly customised data feed & delivery, designed around Boden’s own innovations
“Hidden Gems” flips social proofing on its head, focusing on well-loved products that nobody few others have bought
Creative data windows open up social proofing to lower volume market & use cases
Proofing tied not to the page but the customer, following their journey & reassuring when needed

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