RS Components is a global omnichannel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers who are involved in designing, building and maintaining industrial equipment and facilities. Strong & lasting relationships are at the heart of their success, built on a reputation for quality & exceptional customer service. Offering >500,000 products across 32 markets, helping customers cut through to the right product is central to RS’s digital strategy.

What was the challenge?

RS’s unrivalled product range (>500,000 products from 2,500 leading suppliers) is central to their value proposition, but, well-aware of potential for choice paralysis, the RS team are always looking for ways to help customers cut through and gather key decision making information like the urgency of a purchase.

The DMPG team set out to supplement detailed product information with a responsive proof of value. A data-driven social proof solution looked like a great option, but there was hesitance around the real value to a primarily B2B customer base, and reluctance to run such critical messaging through a new 3rd party provider.

So RS focused on utilising existing implemented technology to provide core messages to customers on-site:
  • The business needed complete control, quickly adapting the experience as their customer’s feedback & their needs evolved
  • The business wanted the ability to measure the success of their messages holistically within Analytics
  • The business wanted to take the learnings around the type of message that helped the customer make informed decisions and be able to utilise that to support shoppers across other channels.

This historically wasn’t possible using Adobe technology so there was a concern their existing Adobe Analytics data wouldn’t be viable, meaning the business may have to find a 3rd party provider.

What is DMPG’s solution?

DMPG approached RS with a proposal to connect best in class data collection & content personalisation messaging via Adobe Analytics to Adobe Target, with their new “Proofit” technology. This ticked all the boxes, giving RS complete control & saving a substantial sum.

Proofit example animation

DMPG Proofit provides RS Components with the ability to:

  • Utilise the results and combine them into a wider set of personalisation tests including email social proof.
  • Maximising the use of Adobe technology and the product data collected via Analytics. Instead of just using it for direct personalisation efforts, RS can now simply use the product data volume (popularity) to help sell more products.

Key results & next steps

  • >7% increase in revenue helping RS justify new tech purchases & opening up a new frontier in customer journey personalisation
  • Social proof integrated within wider personalisation program as standard
  • Direct access to experience code has facilitated in-the-moment allocation changes, with weekly allocation adjustments.
Next Steps
  1. Journey expansion – extending social proofing to product list pages
  2. Creative data windows open up social proofing to lower volume markets & use cases
  3. Proofing tied not to the page but to the customer, following their journey & reassuring when needed

Fancy a free 6 week DMPG Proofit Proof of Concept?

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