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Graham has 10 years of experience working with clients across Europe in Analytics, Testing and the activation of data. The largest portion of his professional career has been with Adobe. From a consultant for Analytics, Target & AAM, Graham then focussed on the sales side of consulting as a Solution Architect with Adobe, creating the overall projects for new and existing clients to solve problems and provide solutions to delivering new technologies and provide support on delivering KPIs for EMEA and the Middle East clients. Graham now works on new opportunities for DMPG by shaping the support and experience of projects for potential clients and with our technology partners to grow the footprint and support DMPG can offer directly into their sales process.
11 02, 2021

CDP Monthly Roundtable Launch

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DMPG is pleased to announce a monthly roundtable to discuss all things CDP's. We aim to have a topic for discussion each month and provide an open [...]

17 12, 2020

Consumer Experience Has a New Look, Embracing It is Vital for 2021 Success

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In this article Steve Carrod has been invited to provide guest commentary to help businesses understand what some of the key considerations will be in 2021 regarding optimal [...]

3 12, 2020

Develop Digital Customer Relationships, Not Single Purchases – Customer Experience Magazine

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While every business has data, not many are actively using to develop better relationships and trust with customers. We’ve taken a look at some simple and more challenging [...]

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