• Reach: suite of recommendations live across >40 markets.
  • Rigour: revenue tied to clicked, viewed & carted products provides complete picture of behavioural impact – immediate, direct & ripple effects.
  • Relevance: DMPG mapped Farnell customer lifecycle, distilling 100s of possible algorithms into 13 best bets across 5 distinct customer needs.
  • Revenue: 31X ROI in 6mo, 10X projected Yr1 Revenue growth.
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The Challenge

Farnell’s enormous product range presents unparalleled product findability opportunity via personalisation, and also demands much of any product cataloguing tool. Prior to DMPG engagement, the team were unable to scale beyond 1 market, revenue attribution was loose and CX improvements through algorithmic product recommendations had been isolated and modest.

There was little discussion of the value of segmentation, with so much focus on fundamentals.

The Solution

  • DMPG presented two clear & fully caveated paths to globalisation. Farnell’s chosen route was then rapidly implemented with minimal dependence on their ever-stretched team.
  • Recognising the foundational importance of measurement, DMPG implemented 3 granular tracking solutions within 1mo. This data become invaluable from month #6.
  • Scale was then tackled intelligently, with offerings evolving around distinct user needs revealed by this tracking.
  • Purchase & maturity-phase audiences were implemented at outset, proving a complete & first-of-its-kind view of customer lifecycle. These started to feed growth from month #9.

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