• >300 domains within 3 months: complete, uncaveated & delivered before the UA sunset deadline.
  • Game changing product insight: with comprehensive & dynamic product engagement data, BMW know exactly which model & finance offers are being requested, synergising supply chain & web UX.
  • Self-sufficiency: DMPG bowed out at project close and are no longer contracted for AA implementation. Total BMW & TMW self-sufficiency.
An example of the tracking calls on the BMW website

The Challenge

BMW are a huge global business, built on their famously innovative dealer partnerships. In 2023 they invested in Adobe Analytics, on a business case built on the potential for behavioral analytics to elevate customer relationships & lifetime value. Investment signoff came only 3 months before Google’s Universal Analytics sunsetting, with no room for reigning in scope.

  • 3 months: to collect requirements, scope datalayer, TMS & Analytics architecture, deliver & QA implementation & demo reporting.
  • 318 domains, 2 brands & both a data layer & Analytics implementation – a big old project.
  • Extended scope: investment case was built on AA’s behavioural insight capability. Rich user-level tracking & maximally dynamic reporting options were essential, as was path to immediate incremental business value.
  • Self-sufficiency: BMW needed a setup simple enough to own & administer themselves.

The Solution

  • 3 day requirements: TMW briefed requirements into DMPG’s tried & tested framework within 3 days. Pre-emptive questions eliminated time consuming back and forth.
  • 2 week project plan: implementation documents (SDR, Data Layer Reference & DL Specification) delivered within 2 weeks & in stakeholder-friendly language. Minimal DMPG input thereafter eliminated back and forth & TMW’s developers were empowered to get on with their job.
  • 6 week Configuration: TMW built the data layer within 4 weeks, followed immediately by DMPG’s 2 week Adobe Launch tag management config.
  • Automated QA: DMPG partnered with Observepoint, automating QA across all 318 dealer sites, scanning the sites and key web journeys, to validate the data layer, tags and analytics. This took 3 weeks.

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