• 95% time saving when configuring complex dynamic content variants
  • up to 50% direct sales boost (upgrades contributed to sales increases reaching 50%)
  • scale: personalisation now ubiquitous
Animated example of Hyper Seg Delivery Template

The Challenge

Adobe Campaign Standard’s “Dynamic Content” feature makes most types of content personalisation possible, but when scaled, personalisation is frustrated by interface limitations.

  • You can dynamically define which content should be displayed to any recipients, based on specific identity & behavioural attributes.
  • In practice, the depth of experience required to construct these conditions from scratch is usually concentrated within a small number of over-worked developers, or people who long ago left the business.
  • In practice, ACS lacks a scalable proofing solution for dynamic content, which prohibitively inflates QA burden & blocks scale.

Joules’s business case for migrating to ACS was built upon scaled personalisation. As their ACS implementation partner, DMPG were committed to enabling this.

The Solution

Step 1: Workflow Template and Predefined filters

DMPG mapped the entire data architecture & distilled targetable attributes into a series of predefined filters. A workflow template allows users to easily configure segmentation using those filters. Segment tracking codes, profile substitution and control group audiences are also enabled in the workflow itself.

  • human error risk – eliminated
  • build speed – revolutionised
  • personalisation – unbounded

Step 2: Delivery template with rapid proofing

With DMPG’s Hyper-Segmentation delivery template, the dynamic content configuration is already pre-built. Once content is added into each variant placeholder, Joules can select any segment to proof. This is achieved via a simple drop down selection & overcomes a major shortcoming of the tool. An extension of the delivery schema allows for a different subject line and preheader for each variant. Multivariate Testing have never been so easy to conduct, fully proof and report back on.

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